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Bathers Blvd, Alkimos WA 6038

Riding the Waves of Safety: Bathers Park Surf Patrol Custom Play Tower
In the heart of our design process for the Surf Patrol Custom Play Tower was a deep admiration for surf life-saving principles. We embarked on a journey to blend the thrill of the waves with the essence of safety, creating a unique play structure that stands as a beacon of fun and preparedness.

Inspired by the vigilance and bravery of surf life-saving heroes, our team meticulously crafted a concept that mirrors the essential elements of their life-saving missions. The tower’s design, a synergy of form and function, draws parallels to the watchful eyes that keep our shores safe. Embodying the spirit of surf patrols, our play tower boasts elevated platforms that serve as lookout points, fostering a sense of adventure while encouraging kids to stay vigilant. We incorporated vibrant colours reminiscent of lifeguard uniforms, symbolising the energy and dynamism inherent in the surf life-saving community.Safety was paramount throughout the development process. The tower features strategically placed handholds and grips, mimicking the precision required in life-saving manoeuvres. Additionally, we integrated educational components into the structure, imparting basic water safety tips to young adventurers as they navigate the tower.

Collaborating with Perth’s leading Landscape Architects, Emerge Associates, we ensured that the play tower’s concept aligned seamlessly with the principles of water safety and rescue operations. This collaboration not only shaped the physical design but also infused an educational element, transforming the play tower into an interactive learning experience.

As the Surf Patrol Custom Play Tower now stands tall at Bathers Park, it serves as a testament to the harmonious blend of recreation and safety. Just as surf life-saving is a dynamic fusion of skill and courage, our play tower invites children to engage in active play while imbibing the values of water safety.
In conclusion, the Surf Patrol Custom Play Tower is more than a play structure – it’s a tribute to the brave men and women who patrol our shores and a testament to the importance of instilling safety awareness in the hearts of our youngest adventurers.
Ride the waves of fun, but always with an understanding of the vital principles that keep our beaches secure.


  • Emerge Associates
  • Willplay
  • City of Wanneroo

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