Play Matta Safety

Play Matta Safety


The Natural Alternative

Play Matta Safety uses natural turf as part of the softfall system providing a natural looking surfacing that is fully compliant. Once established, Play Matta Safety remains cooler as the natural turf covers the PVC tiles.

How does it work?

Step 1: The base is constructed from fertile soil which is levelled and compacted. The cushion layer made from Recycled Rubber is installed for areas requiring impact attenuation. The cushion layer is perforated allowing the turf roots to grow through.

Step 2: A thin layer of fertile soil is spread over the cushion layer.

Step 3: Turf is laid and fertiliser added.

Step 4: Play Matta Safety Tiles are installed over the turf with all rolled edges pinned.

Step 5: More fertiliser is added and sand backfilled if required.

Step 6: We recommend allowing a 6 week period for the turf to establish and grow over the Play Matta Safety Tiles prior to use. Reticulation is essential for the system to survive.

Step 7: Now step back as it is time to enjoy