Donnybrook Apple Fun Park

Donnybrook Apple Fun Park

Donnybrook Apple Fun Park

Donnybrook Apple Fun Park


South West

Site address:

Collins St, Donnybrook WA

Donnybrook Apple Fun Park has a proud history. The iconic playground was the biggest free entry playspace in Australia for several years and became a huge draw card for people of all ages and abilities to stop and explore the Donnybrook townsite, resulting in a boost to the local economy. The new design was inspired by the history of the local Donnybrook area. Incorporation of historic elements such as the railway, gold mining, timber industry, sandstone quarry and the rich agricultural canvas of the surrounding area were strategically entwined and represented in the new playspace. The design of this space was inspired by all things Donnybrook, evident in the Donnybrook Apple Fun Park apple crate tower, Roadside Fruit stand with custom graphics, the farm ute and fruit puzzle panel. In line with world-class innovative design for outdoor play we have incorporated the little Ludic Express Train ride, making connections to the fundamental role the railway has played in this region. The sand factory, roll runner, giant swing zone and feature lighting are just a few of the unique features that attract visitors to this space. Clearly visible from the main road into Donnybrook both during the day and night, it is hard to resist stopping to discover the vast array of things to explore here.


  • Proludic
  • Willplay
  • ​Percussion Play
  • PlayMatta
  • Brenton See
  • Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup

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Apple Fun Park

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