Play Matta Re-Cover

Play Matta Re-Cover


Is your surfacing non-compliant or showing premature degradation?

Loss of safety compliance is a major concern in todays’ society. While wetpour rubber passes impact testing at the time of installation, critical fall height performance can be reduced as it shrinks and disintegrates as a result of our harsh climate.

High-wear areas are often problematic with safety surfacing. Constant movement and scuffing of feet can make some surface installations break up long before the playground equipment needs to be replaced, particularly in areas of repeated wear such as under swings and roundabouts. Trying to repair such surfaces with a repair kit can be costly, time-consuming and ineffective, creating a patchy, untidy and weakened end result.

A Play Matta Re-cover is a cost effective playground resurfacing solution where existing wetpour rubber is repaired and kept in place to be used as the cushion layer. Play Matta tiles are then installed over the top ensuring improved results and long lasting quality for years to come. This process eliminates the need to rip up the existing surface, reduces landfill and provides a compliant unitary surface that will age alongside the life expectancy of your play equipment.

How does it work? Check out this example below.

Step 1: Firstly, any required repairs are carried out on the existing wetpour rubber surface.

Step 2: Rubber is removed and a trench excavated along the edge of the surface, which is filled with concrete.

Step 3: Wet concrete is trowelled off to enable a smooth finish from the top of the rubber surface down to the desired rebated edge height.

Step 4: The new concrete edge or ‘concrete plinth’ is to provide an anchoring point for the Play Matta surfacing to be fixed to.

Step 5: The existing wetpour rubber is covered in a mesh to prevent any further harmful UV rays affecting the surface.

Step 6: Play Matta tiles are then laid over the protective mesh layer.

Step 7: The Play Matta tiles interlock together and are cut in and around the exisiting playground equipment.

Step 8: The Play Matta tiles are welded together for superior strength, mechanically pinned to the concrete plinth and finished with a protective rubber surround. The park can be open to enjoy once again with an extended life on the surfacing.

Each playground is assessed by a Play Matta certified installer to ensure the safety fall height compliance can be achieved.

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