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    As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown

    Norman Foster

Bespoke design in relation to play is limitless, it provides opportunity for designers to create highly specific and unique play elements.

In order to create play spaces that ignite children’s imaginations we need to enter our own childhood minds. There we may find all of the ingredients!

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    Design is thinking made visual

    Saul Bass

Why Bespoke?

Bespoke design is only limited by the imagination. There are endless possibilities. Special projects often call for a statement play structure or element that is one of a kind. Bespoke design gives architects and designers the ability to meet their client’s brief in a specific and unique manner as they create an original masterpiece.

What elements create a Bespoke Playspace?

A bespoke playspace or play element is unique and reflects the intended atmosphere and ideas that informed its creation in the first place. A bespoke play feature tells the story of the space and engages users in meaningful ways to encourage them to connect with the themes and ideas of the space.

Use of materials, shapes, colours, textures and specific play experiences can be incorporated into bespoke design to meet the desired outcomes in relation to play features. Sculptural effects are also useful when incorporating urban design principles. Many designers are engaging in bespoke design of play elements to ensure that the naturally existing aesthetics of the site are not compromised by play elements, rather they complement the natural environment and offer play experiences in a harmonious and creative manner.

Bespoke with Active Discovery

Bespoke design and construction forms a major component of what Active Discovery do best. We have extensive experience in the area of bespoke design and construction. We are passionate about assisting designers to turn dreams into reality. We harness designer’s creativity and work in collaboration with them to create a masterpiece, end to end.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of Bespoke design is turning conceptual ideas into reality. Effective and efficient problem solving, and communication is paramount and the team at Active Discovery are well proven in these areas. Through our partnerships with world renowned play equipment manufacturers as well as with local fabricators we have the ability to turn dreams into a reality. The team at Active Discovery have demonstrated our ability to prepare detailed design drawings, gain engineer certification and playground compliance on bespoke designs, source high quality materials, coordinate the fabrication of high quality and fully compliant play elements, structures and sculptural designs and install these masterpieces in a streamlined, professional and compliant manner. We understand that bespoke design and construction takes time and energy and we are committed to supporting you to transform conceptual ideas into reality.

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    Children learn as they play. More importantly, in play children learn how to learn

    O. Fred Donaldson

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