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    Childhood interactions with nature may positively influence attitudes toward the environment in later life

    Keniger et al, 2013

Nature-inspired play spaces provide children with opportunities to engage in play that encourages connections with our natural environment. Our Nature-inspired pieces are designed to complement the naturally existing environment, combining textures and play experiences in a meaningful and engaging manner.

Nature-inspired play spaces provide children with play activities such as balancing, climbing, jumping, hopping, tactile and sensory play and opportunity to problem solve and develop communication skills.

Why nature play?

In our increasingly synthetic and digital world it has become a common concern amongst our society that children are not provided with enough opportunities to engage in authentic nature-based play. Nature play is a powerful and fundamental aspect of childhood development. Research clearly states that children benefit from nature-based play and develop fundamental life skills as a result. ​

Many of us would have fond memories of climbing a tree, building cubbies in the bush or making mud cakes. These kinds of play experiences are the perfect catalyst for children to develop negotiation skills, solve problems, work as a team, ask questions, test theories and experiment with raw materials.

Nature play also provides children with the opportunity to assess risks and adjust according to changing conditions. They are provided with challenging experiences that once conquered can provide a child with a great sense of achievement and satisfaction, in turn increasing their self-esteem and willingness to tackle more challenging tasks. All fundamental skills for life.

What elements create a Nature Play Space?

In its most authentic form nature play is a naturally existing environment, free from human intervention; a riverbank, bushland or the shoreline and rockpools. Nature-inspired play spaces are exactly that, inspired by what exists naturally. These environments provide opportunities for children to climb, balance, swing, touch (water, sand, rock, sticks, leaves), build, imagine, the list goes on.

A nature play space may include elements that encourage nature-play experiences such as a Giant Bird’s Nest Swing to replicate swinging on long vines through the forest, a Cableway to cross the river, a small dingy to encourage imaginative play as children cast a line to catch a fish, Water Play elements for children to experiment with the forces of gravity, capacity and mixing of sand and water to make mud, Sand Play Elements to encourage children to experiment with simple machines for moving sand from one place to another and elements such as creek beds lined with a variety of pebbles and river stones and embankments for natural undulation work to create a natural atmosphere and an authentic nature play space.

Nature Play with Active Discovery

At Active Discovery we understand the practical logistics of designing, creating and maintaining a Nature Play Space. We have access to a wide range of nature inspired play elements from highly renowned suppliers from around the world. Elements include water play, sand play, musical play, slides, swings, cableways, imaginative play elements, play sculptures and many more.

We will consider how your play space will function and look for years to come. Our point of difference with Nature Play Spaces is that we can ensure the play elements within the space are designed to last, have spare parts readily available and are fully compliant.

Let Active Discovery help to inspire you and bring your imagination of a Nature Play Space to life.

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    Children interacting with natural environments benefit in motor skill development (Fjortoft, 2001) and it can help them think clearer, problem solve, learn new things, build social relationships and be more self-confident

    Beyer et al., 2014; Burdette & Whitaker, 2005; Hughes, 2007

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