Vasse Fitness

Vasse Fitness

Vasse Fitness

Vasse Fitness


South West

Site address:

Kenwyn Drive, Vasse WA

Project Type:

Vasse residents are able to enjoy a new exercise equipment and fitness circuit installed along the Rails to Trails corridor/Wardandi Track. The addition of the new fitness clusters will now complete the 3km fitness circuit for the community. Fitness expert and former rugby league player, Matt Fuller was engaged for the design. Trailside exercise clusters multiply the trails health benefits to users, enabling bikers, joggers and walkers to build strength and flexibility while they work on their cardio. By placing exercise clusters at trail borders will encourage maximum visibility and use. Play Matta Safety Surfacing was specified in the design of the spaces attracting users to the fitness stations as well as providing an impact attenuating surface.


  • Emerge Associates
  • PlayMatta
  • A_space
  • Perron Developments Pty Ltd & Stawell Pty Ltd

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  • FFP6031 Step up Station
  • FFP6020 Body Twist
  • FFP6002 Stretch Station
  • FFP6022 Chest Press
  • FFP6027 Elliptical Trainer
  • FFP6033 Sit Up Bench
  • FFP6009 Leg Press
  • FFP6028 Dexterity Builder
  • FFP6018 Aerobic Cycle
  • FITX024MG Romain Rings 1250 Free Standing with sign
  • FITX034MG Pull Ups (Adult/Junior) Free Standing with sign
  • Drinking Fountain with dog bowl and bottle refill
  • PlayMatta


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