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Sykes Foreshore Playspace

Sykes Foreshore Playspace

Sykes Foreshore Playspace


South West

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Lyons Cove, Bunbury

Sykes Foreshore Playspace tells stories of the past and ignites children’s imaginations to create new stories for the future. 
Sykes Foreshore Playspace has been designed to tell a story, as a way to connect people with the history of this magnificent waterfront location. Many years ago, sometime around 1890, a ship was wrecked on the shore of the Leschenault Inlet. The remains of this can still be seen today sitting in the shallow waters directly in front of the new playground, exposed at low tide. The unknown shipwreck is suspected to be one of two boats that frequented the area back in the 1890's, most likely a schooner or cutter used to transport wood and other supplies to the Bunbury townsite. A wonderful piece of history to share with children…  
Visitors of all ages and abilities can immerse themselves in this aquatic-themed playspace. Jump on board the Schooner Ship and set sail on an adventure. Haul up bucket loads of fish (sand) and send them back down the chute to the deck below so the chef can cook up a storm. Keep a watch out for the pirates lurking through the telescope, they will try and jump aboard and steal your treasure! Designed to challenge children’s climbing skills the vast array of ropes and creative access points will keep children engaged and physically active as they search for the quickest way to clamber aboard this impressive vessel. Quick exits include the fireman’s pole or the slide….don’t forget the Skyrail, it is lightning fast!
As children wander along the jetty into the playspace they can strike a tune on the Rainbow Harp or jump in the little dingy and head out to watch the dolphins play. Specifically designed for children under the age of 5, Discovery Cove is filled with lots of exciting things to explore. From the Aquatica Multiplay Unit with Galway Walk, Climbing Wall, Steps, Slide, viewing tube and lookout deck to the river stone creek bed, little ones will love this space. Jump on the brightly coloured Frankie the Fish or Sammy the Seahorse springers for a rocking ride. The Swing Combo complete with standard, toddler and face to face swing seats is an old-time favourite for all ages. The giant Whale Tail Swing can provide a comfortable relaxing place for lying in and rocking away adrift on the tide or a wild ride for the dare-devils. Surrounded by Play Matta accessible surfacing this giant swing is also designed to cater for children or adults able to transfer from a mobility aid to enjoy a swing. Other accessible play elements include the Rainbow Chimes, Dice Game Panel, Sea Puzzle, Tournicotti Carousel and Treasure Hunt. Everyone loves the Giant Clothesline Swing, jump on a pommel seat and swing as high as you can. Nanna can’t tell you off for swinging on this clothesline!
We are always looking for ways to embed awareness of environmental sustainability into our designs in a playful and engaging way for children. Focussing on natural habitats, flaura and fauna indigenous to the site and representation of such in play elements fosters curiosity and therefore plants seeds of wonder and grows awareness. Inclusion of sculptural elements such as the Blue Swimmer Crab, Fairy Penguin, Starfish and Shells as well as the Mangrove Walk (timber logs connected with balance beams) brings to life the ecosystems of the area within children’s play. The Treasure Hunt encourages children to seek out these hidden elements and fosters connections with these creatures. Through imaginative play children incorporate these creatures into their play stories and through conversations they are able to question and wonder about them…
Sykes Foreshore Playspace…..A treasure waiting to be explored….

  • City of Bunbury
  • Proludic 
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Take a look at our Sykes Foreshore Playspace construction video below.