St Mary’s CPS – Junior Oval

St Mary’s CPS – Junior Oval

St Mary’s CPS – Junior Oval

St Mary’s CPS – Junior Oval


South West

Site address:

32 Bentley St, Donnybrook WA 6239

Fitting with the natural aesthetics was an important consideration whilst designing the schools Junior playspace. Reflective of inclusive design principles there is a universal
access pathway to connect children with play elements that meet the needs of children with mobility challenges as well as special needs. Sensory play opportunities are offered through musical instruments, where children of all ages and abilities can engage independently or collaboratively with their peers, to experiment with sound and music making. Connect Four encourages strategic game play, thus providing a different dimension of play for children as they improve cognitive understandings, develop social skills, practicing being a team-player and learn how to win and lose. The roto-moulded pod swing provides full support for children, specifically catering for children with low muscle dexterity and nerve sensitivity. The under-deck shop counter creates an atmosphere for imaginative social play, enriched with oral language and engagement with mathematical concepts through the exchange of money (or handfuls of sand), addition and subtraction, fair trade, and hefting.


  • St Mary’s Catholic Primary School
  • Willplay
  • Play Matta

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