Piney Lakes Dog Park

Piney Lakes Dog Park

Piney Lakes Dog Park

Piney Lakes Dog Park



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555 Leach Highway, Winthrop WA 6163

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Now every dog can have his day at the beautiful new dog exercise area at Piney Lakes Reserve. Surrounded by lush greenery the exercise area is fully fenced so your furry friend can enjoy off-leash play time and explore the space at leisure. Surfaced with hardy horse arena sand for longevity and stable footing it also features Australian made agility equipment for your pup to learn some new tricks and enough open space for running and socialising.

With majority of households owning at least one dog, our furry mates need a suitable place to play, too! Making provision for dog exercise parks in the local community offers several benefits:
Dog park agility equipment helps owners keep their dogs in good physical condition and in good shape.
Dog owners love to meet and socialise with other dog lovers and their pets, which helps build a community bond.
Dedicating a safe space to dogs encourages proper pet ownership and well-exercised dogs .
By providing a dog park, you encourage owners to teach their pets to interact with other dogs and people in a safe and friendly manner.
Proper socialisation can help with obedience training and reduce aggressive behaviours in most dogs, making your community safer.


  • City of Melville
  • Willplay

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