Peachey Park Bike Track

Peachey Park Bike Track

Peachey Park Bike Track

Peachey Park Bike Track



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Kew St & Acton Ave, Kewdale WA 6105

At Active Discovery we acknowledge the importance of children and families who ride bikes and use facilities such as Peachey Park as they will connect with their neighbourhoods, local community, and nature in new ways. We know that Bike Track Skills Parks such as Peachey are a great investment into the community as children will get to know people within their local area, it will promote an active lifestyle and will provide families with fun and safe places to learn the road rules with their children.

Riding a bicycle, balance bike or a tricycle will help promote the development of children’s leg muscles, enhances bone strength, and boosts coordination and balance skills.
Children who ride bikes connect with their neighbourhoods, community, and nature in new ways.
They get to know the people, geography, and landmarks of their area.

With the addition of bicycle tracks and road safety markings and signs, children can learn the road rules and learn about the importance of bicycle safety when they grow up.

Biking is a full sensory experience.


  • City of Belmont
  • Willplay

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