Onslow Playspace

Onslow Playspace

Onslow Playspace

Onslow Playspace



Site address:

Third Avenue, Onslow WA

The Onslow Playspace, a design and construct project that focussed on a holistic view of the space, is a now a revitalised hub of excitement. Our proposal included a themed approach with priority given to inclusive design, unique play elements and consideration for design conducive to a user friendly and functional space. The central iconic Pearling Boat, along with the Jeep, dingy boat springer, seahorse and fish springers allows children to connect with the local area and the active pearling industry which provides jobs and opportunities for many Onslow families. Sensory elements such as the sand factory and rainbow chimes allow children to experiment with tactile materials and encourages exploration of sound and music making.

Talk tubes encourage interactive play and oral language and provide children with an opportunity to share messages across the playspace. The climbing/gymnastics combo encourages children to develop their gross motor skills, upper body and leg muscles as well as their vestibular system through hanging upside down and rolling over the bars. A dynamic and all-inclusive play element such as the carousel ensures people of all ages and abilities can play together. Cognitive play opportunities are also an important element of any playspace and the Connect Four Play Panel provides a strategic game play opportunity for a range of ages and abilities. Discover Onslow’s newest playspace, it’s a pearler!


  • Shire of Ashburton
  • Proludic
  • Play Matta

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