Mersey Point

Mersey Point

Mersey Point

Mersey Point



Site address:

142 Tourist Drive, Shoalwater WA 6169

The new play space is anchored between the Safety Bay and Shoalwater Foreshores, as well as conveniently located next to the ever popular Pengo’s cafe which known to be a hive of attraction with the locals and tourists who frequent the area to visit Penguin Island and soak in this majestic location.
Visitors will have a nautical adventure on the small shipwreck play unit, scale the ropes like a sailor and survey the ocean beyond then slide on down to explore the play opportunities below deck and peer out the porthole before checking out the custom Pengo’s Surf Shack for all your sea-faring needs.
Matey’s can walk the plank on the custom jarrah rocker and enjoy all this the coastal with the inspired beached surfacing makes this imaginative and sensory rich playspace a lovely spot for the kids to enjoy before or after a trip to the beach.


  • City of Rockingham
  • Willplay
  • Van Ryt

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