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Hinckley Park

Hinckley Park

Hinckley Park



Site address:

Hinckley Parkway, Hocking WA 6065

Congratulations to the City of Wanneroo for transforming another amazing open space into a vibrant community recreation area for the residents of Hocking. PlayMatta - The Environmental Choice. Active Discovery is proud to have chosen Play Matta™ as their preferred safety surfacing system. Play Matta™ is an economically sound surfacing solution that minimises environmental impact. The inclusion of the Wheelspin and Little Town Service Station ensure children of all abilities can have fun in this space. The little car springer, net scramble and road signs provides plenty of great choices for free and imaginative play experiences.



  • Proludic
  • Willplay
  • PlayMatta
  • City of Wanneroo
  • Horizon West

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