Garvey Park

Garvey Park

Garvey Park

Garvey Park



Site address:

Fauntleroy Ave, Ascot WA 6104

We are pleased to have recently collaborated on the new all-abilities play space upgrade for the City of Belmont WA at Garvey Park.

The new playground at Garvey Park is situated in a beautiful location on the swan river and is frequented by communities of all ages and abilities throughout the year.
Congratulations to the City on choosing a Ka’Yop tree unit for the play space as they have also contributed and received a certificate of donation for the planting of 25 native trees in Australia through Proludic Pty Ltd, Australia support of the Carbon Positive Australia initiative.

A wide range of standard inclusive elements where incorporated from our play partners Proludic Australia and Percussion Play to ensure the wider community of children and adults off all-abilities and ages could use this great play space.

A truly great effort by our team in delivering an #inclusive and #accessibledesign for the local and surrounding communities of Ascot to enjoy for years to come


  • Proludic
  • City of Belmont

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