Fitzroy Crossing Playspace

Fitzroy Crossing Playspace

Fitzroy Crossing Playspace

Fitzroy Crossing Playspace


North West

Site address:

Fallon Rd, Fitzroy Crossing

The coolest playground in the Kimberley, the BIG CROC playspace in the heart of Fitzroy Crossing is a popular stop for locals and travellers. This design and construct project was a much anticipated addition to the area and inspired by the unique wildlife and experiences that are iconic to this remote and unique landscape. The Croco Multiplay Unit incorporates a huge climbing arc, slide, wobbly bridge and rope play elements. Children’s’ imaginations are ignited as they sneak up the tail ladder of the croc, swing along the monkey bars and tiptoe along the bridge before sliding down his nose quickly before he snaps you up! Through the use of original artworks created by local school children and indigenous elders the custom artistic graphics were applied to the Jeep and Dingy Springer. This unique process allows community members to contribute to the design and creation of a playspace in a personal and meaningful way in order to foster a sense of ownership and pride in the finished project.

This involvement leads to a sense of belonging and therefore a reduced risk of vandalism. The inclusion of the Australia Animal Habitat play panel encourages children to engage with the manipulative elements in order to move each animal to their corresponding habitat. The Animal Crazy Match game is always a great source of laughter as children combine the head of one animal with the body and tail of another. Play activities that stimulate the vestibular system (movement of fluid in the inner ear associated with balance) are important for the development of children, especially those who are prone to inner ear infections, a common childhood complaint in the North West. Kids (and adults) love the challenge of the Rodeoboard, see who gets bucked off first. Take a Northern Adventure to Fitzroy Crossing, it’s a snapping good place to visit!


  • Shire of Derby-West Kimberley
  • Proludic

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