Eyre Park Albany

Eyre Park Albany

Eyre Park Albany

Eyre Park Albany



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Middleton Beach, Albany WA

Eyre Park has something for everyone, it is a truly inclusive playspace with play elements for all ages and abilities. The Wheelspin has been designed for use by all children, including those using mobility aids. The flush edge allows children with wheeled aids to move onto the carousel with ease. The seat and support bar heights allow all children to enjoy this dynamic piece of play equipment. The talk tubes encourage oral language as children and adults interact and transfer messages across the play area via the talk tubes. Have a go at the sensory flowers, they each have their own auditory and visual features. Listen to the sound of each flower and see what happens if you spin them faster or slower. Designed to be fully accessible the height of these flowers will ensure all children can interact with them in a fun and meaningful way.


  • City of Albany
  • Proludic

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