Cemetery Beach Playspace

Cemetery Beach Playspace

Cemetery Beach Playspace

Cemetery Beach Playspace


North West

Site address:

Sutherland St, Port Hedland

Remembering Our Past – Protecting Our Future

The design of the new Cemetery Beach Playspace was inspired by history, culture and the natural environment.

Remembering Our Past makes connection to the SS Koombana cargo and mail carrying ship which was lost at sea during a tropical cyclone on the 20th of March 1912. The custom SS Koombana shipwreck play unit pays respect to over 150 lives lost at sea and provides play opportunities for children to engage in imaginative play.

Protecting Our Future makes connections to the unique and precious nesting habitat that exists along this stretch of coastline for the Flatback Turtles. Custom made replica sculptures of the Flatback Turtle and a nest of eggs encourages children to engage with these magical creatures and develop thoughts and ideas about how to protect them for future generations.

Use of equipment such as the Sand Factory encourages inclusive play where children of all ages and abilities can interact with sensory play elements to develop hand-eye coordination, collaboration skills and social skills. The Graphic Seahorse and Fish Springers provide a unique visual effect to the space with their vibrant colours and patterns.

This playspace has been strategically designed to cater for all ages and abilities with the use of unitary surfacing to provide access to inclusive play elements such as the accessible carousel, trampoline, sand factory, pod swing, rainbow harp, connect four play panel and SS Koombana Shipwreck.

The design of the softfall surface replicates the movement of hatchling turtles making the journey from the sandy beach, across the shoreline, into shallow waters and finally out into their deep blue sea home.


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