Castlecrag Park

Castlecrag Park

Castlecrag Park

Castlecrag Park



Site address:

Castlecrag Drive, Kallaroo WA 6025

Introducing Castlecrag Park, a haven of limitless imagination! Located in Kallaroo and recently completed for the City of Joondalup, this playground transcends mere recreation — it’s a portal to a world brimming with wonder and adventure.

Our team has brought the enchantment of medieval times to life through our latest WillPlay play space equipment design. Children are invited to embark on thrilling journeys as they explore castle-themed features that spark their imaginations. Step into a realm of knights and royalty at the Shield Shop, where young adventurers can equip themselves for epic battles. Meanwhile, the King and Queen Tic Tac Toe panel beckons strategic minds to engage in friendly competitions befitting of royalty. But beware! Within the playground’s confines lies the mysterious Dungeons Lair, where brave souls can embark on quests and uncover hidden secrets. And don’t overlook the Castle Themed Play Hut, a sanctuary for budding lords and ladies to envision tales of valour.

Designing play space equipment that transports children into the heart of medieval magic is a delight for our team. We eagerly anticipate the countless adventures that will unfold within Castlecrag Park, enriching the lives of the local community in Kallaroo.


  • City of Joondalup
  • WillPlay

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