Cantwell Park

Cantwell Park

Cantwell Park

Cantwell Park


South West

Site address:

5742 S Western Hwy, Pinjarra WA 6208

Cantwell Park is bursting with adventure and fun and set against a backdrop of the winding Murray River and surrounded by lush leafy trees. The eye-catching Willplay Spinning Orb takes centre stage, it can accommodate several kids at once and everyone can have a turn to see who can spin it the fastest. Go exploring off-road in the jeep, find the abseil rope and climb to the top of the mountain then slide down! The sand sieve station and range of beautiful Percussion Play instruments throughout the park add a wonderful sensory element to this nature focused playspace.


  • Shire of Murray
  • Proludic
  • Willplay
  • Percussion Play

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  • FSM-0014 Spinning Orb
  • EMBSL-002 1.5m Embankment Slide Straight
  • EMBSL-003 Embankment Slide Curved Left
  • PP Harmony Bell – Minor G
  • PP Petal Daisy – Minor
  • PP Penta Post -Minor G
  • GJ2614 Jeep Plain
  • J123 Sand Sieve
  • Z19-3417 Tuboflowers – Yellow
  • Proludic Abseil Rope
  • Z20-5003 Sand Factory

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