Allara Kinkuna Dog Park

Allara Kinkuna Dog Park

Allara Kinkuna Dog Park

Allara Kinkuna Dog Park



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100 Impressions Drive, Eglington WA 6034

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The newly built Doggy Park within Allara Estate, Eglington is a great local community destination for pet owners and dogs alike. With majority of households owning at least one dog, our furry mates need a suitable place to play too!
Making provision for dog exercise parks in the local community offers several benefits:
KEEPS DOGS HEALTHY – Dog park agility equipment helps owners keep their dogs in good physical condition and in good shape.
ENCOURAGES COMMUNITY – Dog owners love to meet and socialise with other dog lovers and their pets, which helps build a community bond. Dedicating a safe space to dogs encourages proper pet ownership and well-exercised dogs .
IMPROVED DOG SOCIALISATION – By providing a dog park, you encourage owners to teach their pets to interact with other dogs and people in a safe and friendly manner. Proper socialisation can help with obedience training and reduce aggressive behaviours in most dogs, making your community safer.


  • City of Wanneroo
  • Willplay

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