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Play Matta

The Sustainable choice in playground softfall surfacing

Active Discovery are excited to offer Play Matta safety surfacing to Western Australia. 

What is it?
Play Matta is a type of Unitary surfacing consisting of an interlocking PVC tile laid over a premium cushion underlay. Play Matta tiles are welded together for superior strength and all edging is mechanically fixed to prevent movement.

The Environmental Choice
There are many unitary surfacing products available in today’s market, Active Discovery are proud to have chosen Play Matta as their preferred system. Made from 98% recycled materials, Play Matta is an economically sound surfacing solution that minimises environmental impact. Ask yourself, what cost are you willing to put on the environment?

Why choose Play Matta?

- Made from 98% recycled products
- Fully backed manufacturers warranty
- Certified free height of fall
- Modular system, easy to repair
- Universally accessible surfacing
- ISO Certified, quality assurance
- No curing period required
- UV, Fire and Slip resistant
- No harmfull odours

With any playground design, unitary softfall surfacing will usually take up a large portion of the total budget, with this big investment wouldn’t you want the product to last as long as possible? 

Play Matta Safety - the natural alternative
Ever dreamed of having a natural looking safety surface that is fully compliant? Well now you can.
Play Matta Safety uses natural turf as part of the softfall system providing a natural looking surfacing and remaining cooler. See below for more info.

Play Matta Re-cover
Loss of safety compliance is a major concern in today’s society. While wetpour rubber passes impact testing at the time of installation, critical fall height performance can be reduced as it shrinks and disintegrates from our harsh UV rays. Play Matta Re-cover is a cost effective playground resurfacing programme where existing wetpour rubber is patched and repaired, Play Matta tiles are then installed over the top ensuring improved results and long lasting quality for years to come. See below for more info.

Play Matta plays a big part in the PVC Vinyl Recycling Program. This initiative takes soft plastics from hospital waste and recycles them, reducing landfill.